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‘Codice e Musica’ is a foundation of Dutch composers and theologians. Its purpose is to let non-biblical writings, that broaden and deepen the spirituality of the biblical writings, become a part of our (spriritual) culture. We do this by producing, publishing and performing music based on these texts.

The first publication of  foundation was an oratorio of the Gospel of Mary. The oratorio was performed on October 4th 2003 in the city of Leeuwarden by a professional orchestra and a semi-professional choir.  You can listen here to the openingpart of  this oratorio.  

An oratorio with parts of the Gospel of Truth has been published in 2005. The composer has dedicated his oratorium to prof. Gilles Quispel, who was very pleased. This oratorium has been performed on the 7th of Februari 2010 in Maastricht by a professional orchestra and a semi-professional choir.

Our greatest project so far is the Gospel of Thomas. We have published a book with 12 motets using texts from logia of the Gospel of Thomas and 12 songs based on logia of the Gospel of Thomas. Five well-known Dutch poets have written 12 beautiful poetic songtexts (for solo-voice) and seven Dutch and Belgian composers have written the music for the motets and the songs. The music has been performed on several places in The Netherlands. The first concert has been on  the 11th of  February 2007 in  'de Oerdracht'  in  Joure, followed by concerts in Rotterdam (20th of May), Oegstgeest (2nd of June), Burgum (30th of September), Barendrecht (7th of October) and De Knipe (21st of October). 

Listen here to the recording of logion 77 , logion 113 , the song  'De Waterbron' (logion 74) and the song  'Een lied van verlangen' a song of desire (logion 75).

Parts of the Gospel of Thomas have been broadcasted by the Ikon-radio.

You can listen here to the recording of the concert in Barendrecht. It gives a good impression of the concert, although the qualitiy of the recording is low. The music starts after 8 minutes. The quality of the recording gets better later on in the concert.

In this youtube-movie of a concert in Eindhoven (16th of October 2010) you can listen to the logia 51,61 and 77. The music starts after 1:40.


An oratorio on the Gospel of Judas for orchestra and choir has been written in 2010 and hasn't been performed yet.

An oratorio of the Gospel of Philip for choir and congregation has been written in 2011 and will be performed in November 2012 in Heerenveen and Dokkum.

The Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of  Truth and the Gospel of  Thomas have been published  by  Intrada-music . You can order the musicsheets if you like.                  

The oratorio of the Gospel of Mary and the oratorio of the Gospel of Judas both have been translated into English.